I am an electrical Engineer from Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Barcelona) based in New Orleans, Louisiana. I started using Ruby on Rails in 2012, when a friend of mine and I, decided to launch a crowdfunding portal. Since then, I have worked on multiple Ruby on Rails applications, ranging from freelancing local Business applications, to complex software architecture.

I enjoyed reading Sandy Metz books about “Practical Object Oriented Design In Ruby”, and I consider myself a big fan of Uncle Bob and his principles.

My road to happiness started by organizing my code in small objects of different types, and to use Rspec Uni test to cover most of my code. I like to write clean and self explanatory code, and to Refactor when new features come in.

I am very Agile and have quick standing meetings every day. True believer grooming is the best way for making things happen on time.

My favorite hobby is to travel around the world. I love to chase new experiences and explore different mind paradigms. Similarly, I enjoy cooking, eating, and exploring restaurants wherever I am. My favorite snack is figs, in any kind of format!

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